An Introduction to EFC

EFC is a professional EHS engineering and consulting firm, providing EHS total solutions for Asia &Pacificregion. We have consulting service site in Australis, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. In China, we have branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hainan Province.

Our clients are from various industries, including infrastructure construction, transportation, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, machinery, electronics, footwear and apparels, etc.More importantly, we hope our efforts can improve clients’ EHS performance effectively and realize their EHS excellence.

Our Solutions

EHS Consulting

EFC commits to provide professional total solutions for clients’ EHS issues. We endeavor to provide creative and practical solutions, helping clients realize risk controlling, brand maintaining and management improvement under the condition of developing social environment and stricter government requirements.

EHS Engineering

We cooperate with our partner companies and their environment engineering companies, providing EHS projects designing, construction project management and operation total solution. The main projects include workshop and environment noise abatement, local exhaust ventilation effectiveness diagnose and engineering improvement and industrial waste water treatment total solution.

EHS Academy

We focus on providing professional EHS training.Besides helping plant by our onsite support and management support, we provide capacity building services to help clients build up their own EHS management capability. No matter whether you want a comprehensive training plan of all courses or a single training course development, we are more than pleased to collaborate and realize your target. We will always evaluate our services by target achieving and actual improvement outcomes.